Unlocking the Power of Intent Data: Why EDMarkTech Offers More Than Just Data

We understand that intent data has become a buzzword in the B2B marketing world. It seems like every vendor is talking about it, and some have even incorporated “Intent” into their company names. But is intent data alone enough to drive meaningful results? In this blog, we’ll address common questions and concerns about intent data and explain why EDMarkTech goes beyond providing data to help you effectively execute your marketing strategies.

Is Intent Data Alone Enough?

While intent data is a valuable tool for identifying potential customers, it’s not sufficient on its own. To achieve success, you need a comprehensive approach that combines intent data with a deep understanding of your target audience and their needs. EDMarkTech recognizes the importance of leveraging intent data alongside tailored messaging to ensure you’re reaching the right audience at the right time.

Assumptive vs. Deterministic Intent Data 

There’s a distinction between assumptive and deterministic intent data. Assumptive intent data assumes a user’s interest based on their behavior, while deterministic intent data is derived from explicit user actions. While both types have their merits, deterministic intent data tends to provide more accurate insights into a user’s intent. At EDMarkTech, we offer a combination of both types of intent data to ensure a comprehensive view of user behavior.

Avoiding Broad and Specific Pitfalls 

Intent data can be problematic if it’s either too broad or too specific. If it’s too broad, you risk targeting an audience that may not be interested in your specific product or service. On the other hand, if it’s too specific, you may struggle to find a sizable audience that meets your criteria. At EDMarkTech, we specialize in refining intent data to strike the right balance, allowing you to effectively reach your ideal audience without compromising scale.

Validating Intent Data Quality 

Not all intent data is created equal. Some providers simply repackage website traffic data, which offers limited value and doesn’t provide true intent insights. At EDMarkTech, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality intent data that goes beyond superficial metrics, giving you actionable insights into your prospects’ true intent.

Streamlining Execution and Providing Insights 

EDMarkTech understands that executing on intent data can be challenging. That’s why we offer comprehensive support to help you make the most of the insights we provide. Our services include assisting with lead generation, developing targeted marketing campaigns, and providing valuable customer insights. We believe that intent data should be a catalyst for action, enabling you to drive results and achieve your business goals.


Intent data is a powerful tool in B2B marketing, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle. At EDMarkTech, we go beyond simply providing intent data. We combine it with a deep understanding of your target audience and offer support to execute on your marketing strategies effectively. Trust us to deliver not only high-quality intent data but also the expertise and resources to turn that data into meaningful business outcomes. Experience the difference with EDMarkTech and unlock the true potential of intent-driven marketing.


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