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We are looking for talented individuals who are passionate about B2B marketing and eager to make a difference. Explore rewarding career opportunities and unleash your potential with us. Together, let’s shape the future of digital marketing.

Who Are We

We pride ourselves as creators, solution-focused innovators, and a highly collaborative team at EDMarkTech. Our expertise in full-funnel lead generation solutions has earned us recognition from top-notch sales and marketing organizations globally. Our tailored solutions are intended for marketers, sales personnel, CEOs, and anyone else who plays a vital role in driving revenue generation.

What we value

We highly regard the accomplishments of our clients, appreciate genuine collaboration, and ensure our internal connections stay strong. Integral to our strategy is leveraging the power of data-driven analysis, which plays a pivotal role in shaping the targeted marketing and sales revenue objectives for our clients. It is our overarching objective to constantly deliver exceptional value to our clients from all our endeavors.

Who You Are

You are eager to work for a worldwide leader in full-stack B2B lead generation. You are innovative, driven, and excited about utilising your abilities to assist firms in growing. You are certain that you can make a major contribution to a team dedicated to assisting clients in acquiring the consumers they require.

This consent covers all of the terms listed in the original text, including confidentiality, resume review, data protection, candidate selection, third-party disclosure, and data retention. By checking the tickbox, you are providing your informed consent to all of these terms.

Here is a more detailed explanation of each term:

  • Confidentiality: You agree that the information contained in your resume is confidential and proprietary. You authorize EDMarkTech to securely handle and process your personal information for the purpose of evaluating your candidacy for employment opportunities within the organization.
  • Resume Review: You understand that the information provided in your resume will be reviewed by EDMarkTech and its designated personnel solely for the purpose of assessing your qualifications for current or future job openings.
  • Data Protection: You consent to EDMarkTech collecting, storing, and processing your personal information in accordance with applicable privacy laws and regulations. You understand that your data will be handled securely and used only for recruitment and employment-related purposes.
  • Candidate Selection: You acknowledge that submission of your resume does not guarantee employment or an interview. EDMarkTech retains the right to evaluate candidates based on their qualifications and suitability for the available positions.
  • Third-Party Disclosure: You understand that EDMarkTech may share your resume and related personal information with relevant internal departments and authorized third-party service providers involved in the recruitment process. Such disclosure will be limited to what is necessary for the assessment of your application.
  • Data Retention: You consent to EDMarkTech retaining your personal information for a period deemed necessary to fulfill the recruitment process. Should your application be unsuccessful, your personal data will be securely deleted or anonymized in accordance with EDMarkTech’s data retention policies.

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