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We amplify leads and simplify needs

Enhance Your Marketing Strategies with Precision-targeted Advertisements.
Re-engage, Captivate, and Penetrate Untapped Markets with Programmatic Advertising.

Our Solutions Suite

Unlock your greatest customer potentials through comprehensive identity illumination. Cultivate profound connections with our tech-infused omnichannel customer experiences. Safeguard your data with privacy compliance, ensuring peace of mind and confident growth.

Account Based Marketing

With our specialised services, you can turbocharge your B2B marketing. Increase campaign impact and reap high-quality leads by employing our smart Targeted Account Marketing solutions.
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Content Syndication

Our specialized B2B marketing services focus on delivering high-quality leads through effective and targeted email campaigns, helping you achieve remarkable results in your lead generation efforts.
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Lead Generation

As a renowned industry leader, we excel in B2B Lead generation. Our expertise lies in providing hyper-targeted leads that have a proven track record of converting into tangible business opportunities.
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Data Solutions

Discover in-market account coverage and contact the buying committee with the help of our business-to-business (B2B) intent data. segment and tailor messaging based on customer requirements to gain a competitive advantage by targeting and engaging at the appropriate time.
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Programmatic Ads

Driving commercial success by understanding target audiences. Meticulous data collection, smart research techniques, and precise insights empower informed decisions. Our expertise extends to B2C, providing optimized solutions for market dynamics.
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Recent Insights

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How we construct & enlight our audiences

Research Hub

We collect and organize B2B research materials from various vendors across diverse industries, presenting them in a user-friendly discovery platform for effortless access.


We leverage Al and a predictive Machine Learning model to provide organisations with appropriate content that assists them in researching answers to their problems.

Targeted Newsletters

We connect with industry experts through a diverse range of over 300 newsletters tailored to specific sectors, job functions, and product classifications

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Our Experts

Nurturing a team’s growth and potential is our unwavering dedication. We excel in fostering a skilled and engaged workforce through effective training, development, and retention strategies.

Tabitha S.

Tabitha S.

Managing Director, Co-Founder
Tabitha leads EDMarkTech as Managing Director with her visionary approach and strategic insights. With her extensive experience in the B2B marketing industry, She drives the company's growth and ensures that our clients receive exceptional results. EDMarkTech continues to innovate and excel in providing cutting-edge marketing solutions under his leadership.
Jason Roy

Jason Roy

Jason Roy, the dynamic Co-Founder of EDMarkTech, combines boundless energy, industry expertise, and an unwavering passion for B2B marketing and innovation. His visionary mindset and out-of-the-box thinking have propelled EDMarkTech to new heights, making it the go-to partner for companies looking to revolutionise their marketing strategies. Jason's commitment to delivering exceptional results drives our clients' success.
Kevin Jensen

Kevin Jensen

Director, Operations
Kevin, as Operations Director, maintains the efficient operation of all elements of EDMarkTech. He has a sharp eye for efficiency and a focus on flawless operations. His methodical approach to project management and process optimisation guarantees that our clients receive excellent services on time and on budget. Kevin's devotion and experience are critical in promoting productivity enhancement and client satisfaction.


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